40 years of Unknown Pleasures and a Bandcamp trawl

This day marks 40 years since Joy Division released Unknown Pleasures. Even if you haven’t heard it, you’ll recognise the cover that’s used on posters, T-shirts and even for mapping America. The cover, if you didn’t know, was made from the data from a pulsar.

But enough about the cover. Let’s go inside. Joy Division brought a new emotions and instruments to punk. Not only did the break ground in their use of synthesise, they somehow managed to take punk, with it’s anarchic anger, and turn it into something beautifully melancholic.

40 years ago, 10 flawless songs combined to make just shy of 40 minutes of some of the best music ever made. But at what cost? In May 1980, vocalist Ian Curtis ended his life. The band went on to become New Order, but it was not the same. For a too short period of time were we blessed with Joy Division. Who knows what would have happened had Ian not died, and the band lived on? What is this universe missing out on?

A Bandcamp trawl

I love Bandcamp, not only because I release my music on it (available here), but because it allows anyone to listen to music by anyone in the world. It helps people to discover new artists and suits everyone from artists with just one download to Radiohead.

Without further ado, here are my top recommendations of things I’ve discovered this week:

Languisher are a Californian duo combining hundreds of sub-genres from black metal and prog rock to ambient electronica. I’d especially recommend the last track on the album, but the whole thing is worth a listen (and a download, or – if you’re feeling generous – a purchase)

Released just last week, this insanely beautiful electronic album is well worth a listen.

This is darksynth as creepy as it gets. Do not listen to it alone at night.

If you enjoyed the other album recommendations, I’m sure you’ll like my album, which is also available on Bandcamp.

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